The Chair and Board of Crystal Palace Community Land Trust have pleasure in inviting you to a General Meeting to be held on Thursday 10th November from 7.00 – 8.30pm at the Salvation Army, 58-60 Westow St, Upper Norwood, SE19 3AF.

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Along with the formal business, we will be discussing how local people would like to see homes built on small plots of land around Crystal Palace.

Croydon Council set up a company called Brick by Brick to build on lots of small sites across the borough. In Crystal Palace it completed seven projects, selling 107 homes on the open market and providing 19 affordable homes under shared ownership and 7 for affordable rent.

With the help of local councillor Claire Bonham, we can reveal that Croydon Council still has plans to develop or sell off many of the small sites that were in the Brick by Brick programme before the company was wound up.

Two sites had been transferred to Brick to Brick are now being marketed for a third party to purchase and develop – Eagle Hill (8 homes originally planned) and Regina Road (19 homes).

Four other sites had not yet been transferred to Brick by Brick and the council says officers “are currently reviewing all the pipeline schemes that were not transferred to see whether any are worth progressing either utilising existing planning consents or submitting revised schemes.” These include Bedwardine Road (15 homes), Crystal Terrace (6 homes), College Green (49 homes) and Arkell Grove (8 homes).

What should happen to these sites?

How would you prefer to see other small sites in the area developed?

Come and have your say.

We open doors at 7pm, and will hold the formal part of our meeting at 8pm.

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting on 10th November 2022, 8pm

1. Chair welcomes the members

2. Apologies for absence

3. Approval of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 11th November 2021

4. Election of Rory Underwood to the Board of Directors

5. Approval of accounts for 2021-22

6. Resolution to dis-apply the requirement for an audit for 2021-22 (below)

8. Any other business.

Resolution to dis-apply the requirement for an audit for 2021-22

“It is hereby resolved that subject to the provisions of section 84 of the Co-Operative and  Community  Benefit  Societies  Act  2014,  the  members  of  the  Society  shall  not require an audit for the accounts covering the recent financial year ending on 31 March 2023  when  they  are  presented  to  the  next  AGM  held  in 2022, by hereby electing  to dis-apply section 83 of the Act.”

Explanation: we are not legally required to undergo an audit unless we have assets of more than £5.1m or turnover of more than £10.2m. In the current financial year our turnover won’t be higher than £500k at the most. An audit is expensive and unnecessary, and so we would like to agree not to pay for one.