Ahead of this spring’s local elections, we are calling on candidates to pledge their support for our Community Land Trust, and others in their boroughs.

We started in 2019 after Croydon Council released a site in Crystal Palace for community led housing. This came about after years of great campaigning by Croydon Citizens and policy work by the Community Land Trust Network.

In the three years since we have benefited from the support of ward councillors, particularly Cllr Stephen Mann who is stepping down.

So looking ahead to the next four years, we are calling on candidates for the wards in our area, and for the new Mayor of Croydon, to pledge to:

  • Promote our Community Land Trust locally and to your council, and support our efforts to engage and involve the local community in your area.
  • Encourage the council to consider disposing of land and other assets to our Community Land Trust and other community organisations, and to consider our Community Land Trust for s106-obligation affordable homes in the area.
  • Support us in providing homes for Crystal Palace, cutting across borough boundaries, so we can allocate homes to people in the area who happen to be in neighbouring boroughs.

In addition, for candidates in Croydon we are asking them to:

  • Support our negotiations with Croydon Council over The Lawns project to secure the best outcomes for the community of Crystal Palace, including signing the agreement to lease which has been delayed by over a year.

We will publish the list of candidates that pledge their support here, and promote their support on social media.